CHERYL Cole is desperate to buy her beloved soccer team - but she cant afford it The Girls Aloud beauty - who hails from Newcastle, in the north east of England - is keen to put some of her fortune into struggling Newcastle United Football Club and would consider becoming part of a consortium to save the team. Radio host Craig Beck asked Cheryl, who is married to Chelsea soccer star Ashley Cole, You must have got a bit of cash. You dont fancy buying Newcastle and putting Ashley at left back? The singer - who has a fortune of over 10 million, while Ashley earns 3.5 million-a-year - replied, If I had that kind of cash, I would. The clubs current owner Mike Ashley put Newcastle United up for sale in May for 100 million but he is yet to receive an offer, which meets his demands. Fans think Cheryl would make a great owner, with one supporter saying, I dont think shed be any worse than the bunch weve got now. SS