This is with reference to ECNEC decision to approve the construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam on 20th of August. The decision, though, is subject to resolution of the demarcation issue. The entire site of the dam falls into the territory of Northern Areas, especially Chillas in the Diamer district. The Northern Areas would, thus, be greatly affected if the dam is indeed constructed here. Therefore, the dam should be called the Diamer dam rather than the Bhasha-Diamer dam, as it is officially called now. The sad story is that the government is intentionally trying to create a dispute by using the name Bhasha with Diamer to filch some part of the royalty from the Northern Areas. The so-called liberal media is keeping a blind eye on the territorial rights and other cumbersome issues of this area. The people of Northern Areas have bravely faced 63 years of rigorous discriminations from Islamabad despite their great sacrifices for Pakistan. The worst example is that the population of the Northern Areas has been deprived of its basic rights of self-government even as those of the AJK are already enjoying autonomous government with their own President & Prime Minister. But this is a huge issue here and the people of Northern Areas will not accept less than the entire royalty of the dam. -SHAH JAHAN GHIZERI, Ghizer (Northern Areas), via e-mail, August 21.