ISLAMABAD - The September 6, 1965 is a memorable day in the history of Pakistan, when Pakistan, its military and people stood united in defence of Pakistan. These views were expressed by Prof. Hafeez-ur-Rehman, senior columnist and scholar, while delivering a lecture at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) at Women Campus in connection with Defense Day of Pakistan celebrations. Highlighting the salient features of the importance of observing the Defence Day he said, Our neighbour country India, which is three times more influential and powerful than us, imposed an unannounced war on Pakistan in the wee hours of September 6. Our valiant and brave solders fought courageously and fearlessly and did not allow enemy to cross the borders and enter our motherland. Pakistan is based on two nations theory, those who think that the two countries, Pakistan and India, are similar should understand that Muslims are different than Hindus. Our norms, values, religion and traditions are quite different from Hindus. He added that Mr. Rajeev Gandhi addressed his nation on August 15 and said they got freedom with British rule but they left minorities for us and they have get rid of them. Professor Amina Mahmood, Chairperson of Department of International Relations, IIUI, gave vote of thanks to the guest speaker and said that the objective of arranging such lectures is to remind our nation and realise them that they were the best nation of the world. In the end Prof. Quaiserah M Alvi, Student Adviser, presented souvenir to the guest speaker. Faculty members of IIUI, university staff members and a large number of students attended the lecture.