LAHORE - A division bench of the Lahore High Court comprising Chief Justice Khawaja Muhammad Sharif and Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry on Tuesday reserved judgement into a suo moto proceedings initiated against Zarco Exchange Company for defrauding public at large. Earlier, the director general Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and counsel of chief executive Zarco submitted their proposals about the schedule and mode of payment to affected persons. The counsel of Zarco chief said if they are allowed to run their business they would pay back the amount in question within six month or even before it. He said the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has suspended their license and FIA had forfeited their computer, which is creating difficulties in paying back the amount in question. He said payment to the affected persons would only be possible if the company is allowed to run its business because the more investors would invest their money in company. He said the action of FIA has affected about 3,500 employees. He suggested that if the company is failed to pay back money to the affected persons then it would have no objection over its liquidation as suggested by the FIA. He also contended that the Zarco chief is also behind the bar and his release might also help in returning money to general public on the account he could sell out his assets in and out side the country. He also asked the court to appoint court receiver for day-to-day business enabling the company to payback the amount in question. DG FIA contended that they has submitted initial challan of the case and soon would submit final challan of the case before the trial court. He contended that Rs 50 million of the company is lying with the State Bank of Pakistan as security and if the bank cooperate with them they could make payment to common people and rest of the amount could be given to affected franchised companies as per the decision of the trial court. He said FIA is working in the interest of the public at large and taking action against forex companies had saved Rs 200 million of the people of Pakistan. The court after hearing the parties at length reserved its verdict.