Chairman Defence for Human Rights Khalid Khwaja has claimed that al Qaeda chief Osama bin Ladin had held five meetings with PML-N chief Miam Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, a private TV reported. The former official of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) claimed he had arranged meetings of Osama with Nawaz Sharif on formers request and the PML-N chief had held five gatherings with al Qaida chief so far. I challenge the deniers of such meetings and can present solid evidences in this respect, the Ex ISI official said. To a question, he ruled out stating that Osama had handed over 500 million rupees to PML-N chief. I had not uttered such statement in the past. He said hopefully Nawaz Sharif would not tell a lie in this regard and added that the statement of PML-N spokesman Siddique Al Farooq was untrue that no such meetings had take place. He said he had met al Qaida chief more than hundred times but not after the 9/11 incident. Commenting on the claims, PML-N spokesman questioned On whose nod these former officials are speaking out. Dismissing the allegation, Secretary Information PML-N said There is no importance of the statement.