ISLAMABAD(Online) Security and alarm systems in Presidency and Prime Minister House have been updated with the latest and most modern devices and equipment imported from abroad. The official sources told Online that all security equipments and devices installed in security point of view by the previous govt in Prime Minister House of the then Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and former President Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf in Presidency have been replaced with latest devices, cameras and alarm system acquired from a Western country. The sources said that these measures have been taken in order to make the security of the Presidency and Prime Minister House more strict and foolproof. The old system had been functional since previous four years in Presidency and Prime Minister House, which have now been replaced as they had also expired. According to the fresh security and alarm system, latest and completely computerised most modern security system had been installed at the main gates of entry and exit points of Presidency. While on the other hand, the construction of entry and exit gates of Presidency have been completed. Similarly, a larger number of security cameras have also been installed inside the Presidency. Meanwhile, a central security cell has also been set up in Presidency and Prime Minister House and Chief Security Officer is briefed about the security system on daily basis. The devices and system installed also monitor the staff in the Presidency and Prime Minister House.