ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Attorney General of Pakistan, Sardar Latif Khan Khosa on Tuesday assured a Polish delegation that the killing of Polish engineer would not negatively affect the relationship between the two countries. The delegation, which called on the AGP, was headed by Polish Deputy Attorney General. Khosa assured the delegation that those involved in the heinous crime would be brought to book and expressed the hope that incident would not hamper the smooth bilateral relations between the two countries. The Attorney General informed the delegation that capital punishment still existed in Pakistan and that murderers of the Polish engineer could also be hanged if the offence was proved against them. He further informed that one Ayatollah had been arrested in connection with the murder who, he said, had confessed before the District Magistrate. Khosa said that investigations were being carried out in positive direction and the security agencies were looking for other absconders involved in the murder of the engineer. He expected they, too, would soon be arrested.