LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi has said that Punjab has been caught in the whirlpool of crises due to the mismanagement of the Punjab government. Addressing a press briefing at an Iftar dinner hosted by him for the senior journalists at his residence here Tuesday, Pervaiz Elahi said that Punjab was acclaimed a symbol of development, good governance and a vibrant economy during PML-Q rule, adding that Punjab was a role model to international financial and donor agencies only two years back but the mismanagement and inefficiency of the current rulers in Punjab has brought it to the verge of economic and administrative debacle. Pervaiz said he is pained to see that people are facing sugar and flour crises and there is nobody to rescue them out of these troubled times. He said the present Punjab government has not launched a single initiative for the poor. Pervaiz said Punjab government has allocated mere 5 billion rupees for the Southern Punjab while 21 billion rupees have been allocated for 8-lane road to Jati Umra. He said that PML-Q govt dedicated 117 billion rupees for the uplift of South Punjab in the past. He said that Punjab presents a sorry state of affairs, adding its administrative machinery has come to a standstill. He said that no bureaucrat is willing to work with a Chief Minister who suffers from blood pressure. He alleged that all senior bureaucrats have left the province. He said 4 secretaries in the Food, 8 secretaries in the transport, 5 in C&W while 4 secretaries have been transferred in the Irrigation department during the last two years. He said that mere talk policies of the Punjab Chief Minister have been exposed by the fact that there is no secretary in the Higher education department in the province. He said the Punjab govt could utilize only 48 per cent of the development funds due to its inefficiency. Pervaiz Elahi alleged that the poor of Punjab are burdened with an annual interest of 74b by the poor policies of the present Punjab govt. Referring to the development works by his government, Pervaiz Elahi said that his government introduced education sector reform programme, computerised the land revenue record, waived agriculture tax on twelve and half acre land, started 1122 service in the public interest, set up roads network and hospitals in the province.