ISLAMABAD (APP) - Three terrorists including two of their local commanders surrendered before security forces, which apprehended 30 others from Swat and Malakand Division as part of ongoing operation Rah-e-Raast. According to ISPR here on Tuesday, security forces conducted search operation and apprehended one terrorist (brother of local commander Rafi Ullah) from Kuza Banda, while a local terrorist commander Yaqoob and his brother surrendered themselves to security forces at Shah Dheri. A local commander Motaber Hussain surrendered himself to security forces at Galoch Kaaham (Kabbal) while security forces apprehended four suspect terrorists from Fatehpur. Security forces apprehended 7 suspected terrorists from Malam Jabba while during another search operation at Rema huge cache of ammunition of different calibre was recovered. Security forces cleared area including Gato, Maira and Besh Banr and apprehended 10 suspects while 3 others from Tahirabad, and 5 from Rashagatta near Mingora. So far, Rs 292,568 cash cards have been distributed amongst the IDPs of Malakand who have also been handed over mix ration equal to 4 truck load.