Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain on Friday underlined that international powers were hatching conspiracy for the division of Pakistan as well as to murder him. Addressing an emergency meeting of Rabita Committee in London and Karachi, MQM Chief said that whatever being done in Karachi is a conspiracy to dismember Pakistan and those who are supporting the people part of this conspiracy are themselves becoming a party to the conspiracy and are opposing those who want to save Pakistan. He said MQM is the biggest hurdle in this conspiracy. Altaf Hussian said a conspiracy is being hatched to kill him to do away with MQM. He said that he would accept martyrdom but never compromise on his ideology and mission. He asked the party activists to chalk out future plan under his teachings if former would have been killed. He told that they know everything about the game being played against them. Altaf further said that Urdu speaking people could not be made slaves forcibly, adding that they are peace loving people and want to live in the same.