ISLAMABAD  – The second case of dengue virus was reported in the federal capital in 17-year-old Riasat, admitted at Federal Government Poly Clinic (FGPC).The spokesman of the FGPC, Dr Sharif Astori on Saturday confirmed that Riasat, a resident of the federal capital, has confirmed dengue virus and is getting medical treatment at Epidemic Management Cell of the hospital.He said blood samples of the patient, who got admission with fever on September 5, were sent to National Institute of Health (NIH) for investigation. Now the NIH declared this patient as positive dengue virus patient. The hospital management is giving extra care to the patient and he is in better condition and recovering, Dr Astori said.He said that total 10 suspected patients are admitted in Poly Clinic’s Epidemic Management Cell, out of which six are men and four are women patients. He added the hospital management had set up Epidemic Management Cell keeping in view the high-risk season for dengue virus. He said this 25-bed cell is working with 16-member team of efficient medical and paramedical staff with six doctors and 10 nursing staff members headed by Dr Riaz to provide best medical care to dengue patient. He said that if any citizen of federal capital has dengue like symptoms, than he or she should immediate come to Poly Clinic’s designated Epidemic Management Cell for complete investigation and treatment of the disease. He advised the citizens to take extra care in these days as more people can have chances of carrying dengue virus due to rainy season. 

He asked the parents to follow precautionary measures particularly for their school going children, who are more vulnerable to this virus.  Meanwhile, heads of all public sector hospitals in the capital have been directed to make all necessary arrangements to cater to dengue patients during the ongoing season. Capital Administration and Development (CAAD) Minister Nazar Muhammad Gondal issued this directive to deal with dengue fever.The minister said that preparations must be in place well before any case of dengue haemorrhagic fever is reported in capital hospitals. He called for thorough examination of the existing facilities at these hospitals. He asked the officials concerned to inform the ministry if further help and assistance was required.Gondal said that adequate arrangements such as provision of special netted beds, diagnosis facilities and availability of necessary medicines should also be ensured.He also said that the hospital authorities should be proactively prepared to handle the situation in case any patient is diagnosed with dengue.The minister directed the officials of the ministry to issue instructions to the public sector educational institutions for taking precautionary measures against the dengue virus.He said that the administration must take steps for fumigation, and students must be educated to take protective measures in this season. He called for creating awareness among students and general public in this connection.