ISLAMABAD - The employees of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) including doctors warned the government against appointment of any official as executive director from outside the hospital or else the employees will boycott healthcare activities for an indefinite period.

At a press conference on Saturday all the employees including doctors, consultants, administrative staff and representatives of nursing and paramedic associations said that they may resort to protest and agitation that will continue till the reversal of the orders of Dr. Riaz Warraich.

The employees will not allow anybody from outside the hospital to sit in the hospital and they will lock the administration and withdraw their services from outpatient departments, indoor, and elective OT, they said.

Reacting strongly against the expected appointment of Dr Riaz Warraich from Mayo hospital, Lahore, as ED PIMS President Young Doctors Association, Islamabad, Dr Asfandyar Khan and President of Joint Action Committee  Manzar Abbas Naqvi said ‘we will not compromise on the credibility of PIMS and resist illegal orders of Dr Riaz Warraich as ED PIMS as this order is totally illegal, how can a person from provincial government is upgraded from grade 20 to 21 in moments for his appointment as PIMS ED’.

They questioned if this state-of-the-art hospital is so deficient of its own employees that no one is eligible for ED-ship? Neither PIMS is deficient of competent persons nor there is a dire need to import ED from Lahore.

The main purpose to bypass all the PIMS administrative officers and consultants is to grab money from mega projects of PIMS like Cardiac Centre and Dialysis Unit and for this corruption Dr Riaz Warraich is suitable which is evident due to some bitter facts about his career, they alleged.

Giving details of Dr Riaz’s credentials the employees alleged that he registered F.Sc with three boards at a time, took MBBS admission by fraud, BDS admission by fraud, got MDS degree from PIMS when no such programme was started at the hospital, manipulation in his age and illegal upgradation from grade 19 to 20.

The employees maintained that ‘it is an ultimatum to government from the employees of PIMS that immediately reverse the decision of appointing a corrupt person from outside the strength of the hospital. If it’s necessary to change the current ED for the betterment of the institution then we will only accept a person as ED from the strength of the hospital’.

They warned that if the government continues with this policy, the government itself will be responsible for the consequences and any kind of untoward situation at the hospital.

The Spokesperson of Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Rafique Tahir when contacted said ‘he has no knowledge of such development and if the government is planning to appoint someone, it is all going on at the top level’.