The IGP Punjab has evicted all fat policemen from operational duties who in spite of the warnings could not reduce the size of their girths in the given time. It is a commendable step taken by the IG and should go a long way towords not only improving the general image and impression of the police force in the eyes of the public but also result in their better efficiency and general conduct as well.By the same token, may I suggest that strict notice be taken of the state of the uniform worn by the force, in particular, the wearing of the headgear. Regrettably whenever we see a few policemen as well as officers gathered together on our TV screens or in a newspaper, it presents a dismal picture of them. Most of the officers, particularly the senior police officers, are without headgear as if it has become customary for them to be without the cap in public. No two policemen are seen wearing their berets correctly and properly. I don’t know how it has become a fad with our forces. COL. SYED RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, September 6.