VENICE (AFP) - Movies from France, South Korea and the United States are tipped by critics as the favourites to win this year’s Golden Lion award at the Venice film festival due to be announced later on Saturday.French director Olivier Assayas charmed audiences with “Apres mai” (“Something in the Air”) - a coming of age story about a group of youngsters preparing for adult life during years of heady idealism in the early 1970s.The contrast in style could not be greater with “Pieta” by South Korea’s Kim Ki-duk, who tells a bleak tale about a diabolical loan shark struggling for redemption in a gut-wrenching condemnation of money-grabbing capitalism.The pony-tailed Kim told AFP in an interview at the Excelsior Hotel that his film was a realisation of his youthful ambition of becoming a preacher, adding: “I believe audiences who see this film will question capitalist society.”