RAWALPINDI  – Out of order tube well at Holy Family Hospital (HFH) has become a source of perpetual agony for the patients, paramedical staff, colony residents, students and attendants of patients. The tube well has not been working since the last several days and this state of affairs has led to create cleanliness problem. The lavatories and bath rooms stand gutted with filth and wash rooms basin stand choked with pebbles and stones due to lack of water. We are medical college students and are living in hostel. We administer treatment to ailing people but now we have become patients due to filthy environment created by non-supply of water due to dysfunctional tube well, said a group of medical students. We have to discharge duty for 36 hours but when we are relieved from duty we have to face an irritating situation that we cannot obtain water even to wash our hands, said a group of doctors. This state of affairs can lead to transmission of fatal diseases, they warned. An epidemic can erupt if no heed is paid towards restoration of water supply, they added. Operation theatres working can be affected if no arrangement is made for repair of tube well, warned the doctors. The citizens demanded immediate repair of tube well and restoration of water supply otherwise they will go on roads to give vent to their sentiments.