Indian  External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna  called on Governor Punjab Latif Khosa at Governor House on Sunday. Matter of bilateral relationship interest came under discussion in the meting of both leaders. The Governor Punjab said the entire outstanding issues including Kashmir issue; need to be resolved through negotiation and mutual consensus. Adding that he said terrorism is a major issue of the hour for both the countries and its eradication can only bring prosperity and stability to the region, he observed. He said that the terrorists do not belong to any religion; they are foe of the entire humanity. The governor said prosperity came through peace, and both the countries are atomic powers so they could not be engaged in any sort of hater. He said that the new generation from both parts wants to expand and project the message of love and peace, he added. He termed the new visa regime easiness a ‘good omen’ and said this will bring the Pak India people closer. The Indian Foreign Minister on the occasion said that the meeting with the Pakistani authorities remained positive and expressed the need of more interactions and meetings, between the both sides, in order to resolve the outstanding issues. ‘As we are moving towards change, ’ he maintained. He said the Indian Prime Minister and the people of India want the Pak India relation pleasant that the people from both sides can get closer. Adding he said all the issues couldn’t get to an end in a single meeting, therefore the continuity of meetings between both the countries shall remain ahead.