Pir Pagaro Sibghatullah Shah Rashidi has reiterated his resolve to do whatever it takes to get the breakaway factions of Pakistan Muslim League under one tent. Towards that end, he would hold meetings with PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif to convince him to bring the plan to fruition. It must be mentioned that the efforts of his father late Pir Pagaro were noteworthy no less; he even gave out the assurance that he his party would not seek any public office after the goal of unification had been achieved. The purpose, hence, is plainly manifest; to turn the party into the political entity it once was whose struggle for an independent homeland culminated in the creation of Pakistan. That the Pakistan Muslim League could not hold its discipline after independence explains to a large extent why the country could not progress into the nation that Founding Fathers had envisioned. As of now, a strong opposition comprising the various splinter groups would have helped oblige the PPP setup to mend its ways; the absence of such an opposition has led to a free for all that has consequently hit the masses hard with unpopular decisions. This is all the more urgent since the country is headed towards a general election amid worrying mischief by the government mainly that of local body elections, which is viewed as a ruse to delay the main elections. The PML-N Chief ought to set aside his ego in the larger interests of the country.