It has been reported in the media that terrorists are using military uniform for gaining access to and attacking their targets. There are many examples of militants, dressed in security forces’ uniforms, easing their way into military installations by deceiving the outer security cordons. Recently, the Shia passengers in Mansehra were shot dead by terrorists in commando uniforms. In a similar attack on passenger buses which took place in Kohistan in February this year, the gunmen were again wearing military uniforms, as were the militants who attacked the GHQs in Rawalpindi in October 2009. Similarly, the militants who attacked the PNS Mehran Base in May 2011 and the PAF Base Minhas in Kamra in August this year reportedly took advantage of military uniforms to gain access to their targets. If my memory serves right, I remember that after the GHQs attack it was decided to shut down all the shops selling different items of military uniforms in the local market to stop unauthorised persons from purchasing these items. But this decision was never fully implemented. As a result, there still are a number of shops in the country supplying uniforms and accessories – which include rank badges, unit shoulder signs, caps, cap badges, arm bands, belts, boots, stitched uniforms and cloth for any type of uniform – of the army, navy, Rangers, Coast Guards and police. It must be noted here that no item of the PAF uniform is allowed to be sold in markets. New uniforms/accessories are issued to PAF personnel only after their uniform items are rendered unserviceable. The PAF personnel have to return these unserviceable items which are torn into small pieces and converted into cleaning rags. Hence, there are no chances of misusing any item of the PAF uniform. General Kayani must take serious notice of this security lapse on the part of the authorities concerned in the armed forces. Sqn-Ldr (r) S Ausaf Husain, Karachi, September 8.