MULTAN/ BUREWALA/ AHMEDPUR EAST --Like other parts of the country, the monsoon rains also started in parts of south Punjab including Multan as the city received 63 millimetre rain between Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Although the torrential rain ended, the drizzle continued till filing of this report. The rain seriously damaged old and mud houses. On the other hand, the weather forecast released by the Met department said that the rains were likely to continue for next couple of days.The monsoon rain also washed away all cosmetic arrangements made by the district administration and Water and Sanitation Authority (Wasa). Although the Wasa had claimed that the disposal of rainwater would be accomplished within a couple of hours after the shower, it completely failed to carry out this operation.All low-lying areas came under rainwater, paralyzing the life. The city presented the view of an island as small and large water pools and lakes appeared in different areas after the rain.Meanwhile, the agriculture department has issued a warning to the cotton growers, asking them to ensure disposal of rainwater from the fields and pest scouting twice a week. "The threat of pest attack on cotton crop has intensified due to increasing moisture in the air. The growers must carry out pest scouting regularly," the warning added. The agriculture department further suggested to the growers to carry out pest scouting in the morning or evening and if the attack is traced the crop should be sprayed with pesticides suggested by the agricultural scientists. The warning also asked the growers not to spray their crop during the rain.BUREWALA, heavy rain in city and its surroundings paralyzed the routine life, suspending traffic on roads, disturbing electric and telephone system, besides breaking billboards. Electricity in certain areas was also suspended and rainwater inundated low-lying areas as sewerage system collapsed completely. On the other hand, scores of people came out from their houses as the weather turned pleasant after the rain. Children came out on streets and a large number of people thronged parks and other picnic points to enjoy pleasant weather.AHMEDPUR EAST and its adjoining areas received heavy rain which turned weather became pleasant. There were also reports of walls collapse incidents of some mud-made houses due to rain. However, on causality was reported from any part of the sub-division.On the other hand, rainwater flooded roads, creating problems for pedestrians.