BAHAWALPUR - If the Pakistan People's Party-led government is really sincere with the creation of new provinces it should restore the provincial status of Bahawalpur which requires only an executive order. When one comes to the issue of new provinces, the case of Bahawalpur is totally different that from others and doesn't fall in the purview of the commission constituted for the creation of new provinces. We fully support the restoration of Bahawalpur provincial status. These views were expressed by former federal minister and President Pakistan Muslim League (Zia Group) Ch Ejazul Haq while addressing a press conference here on Saturday.Ejazul Haq blamed the federal government for "what he called" playing with the sentiments of the nation, saying that the Pakistan Muslim League-Ziaul Haq was ready to create Seraiki province but head the parliamentary commission should be from Punjab. He lashed out at Farhatullah Baber, saying that how a man who could not represent the President precisely, would head the commission on the national issue.The commission's chairman should be selected with the mutual consent of members of the commission," he suggested, adding that his party was against the creation of new provinces the process should be in harmony with national interest. "Hazara province must be created because people of Hazara have rendered so many sacrifices for their right," he added.He recalled that in Musharraf's era dollar was Rs60 and now dollar had been reached up to Rs95. The government of the Pakistan Peoples Party has destroyed national institutions like Railways and PIA," he charged, adding that a man who had specialisation checking up patients only had been made the Minister for Petroleum. "The rulers are collecting "Jaga Tax" and putting it into their own pockets," the PML-Z chief accused.Ejazul Haq lamented that a lay man had to forfeit all his assets including cattle and household items when he happened to default on a loan not more than Rs15,000 but in contrast a man who was sitting in the government enjoyed loans in billions and did not return with impunity.He blasted that the politician who had their assets outside Pakistan, had no right to contest elections, adding they should be banned for taking part in the electoral process.He invited all the agencies including the media to prove corruption of even a penny against him and he would leave the politics forever. He claimed that even Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had once admitted that corruption of a single penny had not been proved against his father Gen Ziaul Haq."Musad, Raw, CIA and other agencies are involved in the unrest in Balochistan," he claimed, adding that Karachi the city of lights had been turned into a terror-riddled city by the Pakistan Peoples Party and its allies the MQM and ANP. The history of Pakistan Peoples Party bears the fact that it has never conducted local government elections and now it is staging the drama for holding of LB election to divert the masses' attention from the record corruption," Ejazul Haq argued.The PML-Z chief demanded that the caretaker set up should be announced before September 18 otherwise they were not ready to accept the third Prime Minister.