Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that at the Foreign Ministers’ talks, Pakistan had been playing on the Indian wicket and ignoring vital national interests. He said the Pakistan side did not even mention the core issue of Kashmir and India’s water aggression in the current talks while the Indian Foreign Minister kept on dictation for bringing the Mumbai attack’s culprits to book and for curbing terrorism in this country. He said this while addressing a large public meeting in Dir upper on Sunday. JI deputy chief, Sirajul Haq and JI provincial chief, Prof. Ibrahim Khan also addressed the gathering. Syed Munawar Haan said that next to the US, the Pakistani rulers were trying hard to please the Indian rulers. He said that the Kashmir issue had been put at the back burner. However, he said, for the people of Pakistan and the Kashmir, the Kashmir issue was the basic and the core issue between the two countries without whose solution, real peace in the region was impossible. The JI Ameer said that the US had been dreaming of thrusting its New World Order in the world and the country which opposed that, was declared a  terrorist. However, he said, that only the Order of Allah, the Creator of the universe, would prevail in the world and Islam alone could guarantee lasting and real peace in the world. He said that ever since the US began targeting Islam and the Muslims under the cover of terrorism, Jehad had gained strength. Unfortunately, the Pakistani rulers were acting as US agents. Therefore, he said, the nation must reject the US agents ruling the country. The JI Ameer said that the changes in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco had given a new hope to the oppressed Muslims. And it would be wise for the rulers in Islamabad to see the writing on the wall and mend their ways. He said that the Ikhwanul Muslimoon in the Egypt and the Jamaat e Islami of Pakistan were twin sisters and aimed at eradication of injustice and tyranny and enforcement of the Islamic order. Therefore, he said, a change in the country was not far off and the change could be brought about by rejecting the hereditary politicians.