A total of 234 people have so far been dead and 1,129 sustained injuries in recent flash floods in the country says the latest data issued by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). 

According to the data, as many as 23,652 tents have been distributed in Punjab, 3,440 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), 10,185 in Sindh, 5,380 in Balochistan, and 177 in Azad Jammu Kashmir.

A total of 57,834 tents have been distributed among flood hit people by the National Disaster Management Authority and the Provincial Disaster Management Authorities so far.

As many as 126,400 food packs have also been distributed among marooned people, including 108,100 in Punjab, 12,650 in KP, 1,500 in Sindh and 4,000 in Balochistan. 

Some 17,187 blankets have so far been distributed among the flood victims, including 16,400 in KP, 720 in Balochistan, and 67 in AJK.

Similarly 31,250 mosquito nets have been distributed in flood hit areas, including 10,000 in Punjab, 6,100 in Sindh and 7,150 in Balochistan.

A total of 425 relief camps have been providing basic amenities of life to 6,952 marooned people of flood hit areas of the country.   

Moreover, 8,414 cattle heads have been perished in flood hit areas of the country including 15 in Punjab, 95 in KP, 88 in Sindh, 8,135 in Balochistan and 81 cattle heads have been perished in AJK.

In Punjab, 88 people have been reported dead and 1,016 sustained injuries, 24 expired and 26 injured in Khyber Pakhtunkhaw (KP), 47 people have died and 43 injured in Sindh, 27 dead and 18 injured in Balochistan, 15 dead and 11 injured in FATA and 33 people have died and 15 sustained injuries in flash flooding in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

As many as 1,496,870 people have been affected in country due to flooding including 795,857 in Punjab, 584 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 505,959 in Sindh and 175,596 have been affected by floods in Balochistan.

Standing crops at 1,457,299.25 acres have been affected in the country including 1,094,171 acres at Punjab, 535 acres crops of KP, 246,500 acre crops in Sindh, 115,927 acre crops in Balochistan, 76.25 acre crops have been affected in FATA.

As many as 7,841 villages including 2,482 in Punjab, 2 in KP, 3,088 in Sindh and 2,289 villages of Balochistan have been affected with the flash flooding.

And 55,397 houses have been damaged partially and 23,811 completely as a result of floods.