It seems that Pinochet, instead of Chile was actually born in Egypt – the historic land of Pharaohs. And the new dictator, Gen Sissi after overthrowing the democratically elected president Muhammad Morsi, has taken over as Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister a clear indication that he wants a strong control on Egypt. Sissi has moved swiftly to consolidate his power by clamping down on the protests staged by Morsi’s followers with the use of all the state power behind him. Hundreds have been killed and thousands grievously wounded.

The US has made some mealy mouth statements for the public consumption even though the people know that Sissi could not have acted without a wink from the superpower. Increasingly, the people in Muslim countries have begun to believe that Sissi(s) is in a predator mode, he can spring to action only when he is remotely activated by his handlers. Morsi has been held incommunicado and his supporters jailed for long terms by the kangaroo courts, former Pinochet, Hosni Mubarak, has begun to flex his muscles, what next? Is this the fate of a democracy in a Muslim country with rich heritage?


Rawalpindi, September 7.