Indeed, the youth are considered as the foundation for a strong, stable and peaceful society, as well as the nation’s future. They can be a catalyst for development and their active participation can create a better society, looking positively towards the future.

Unfortunately our youth are left out of every important sphere in the society. The (re) tired Babas, many of them proven ‘deadwoods’, have blocked the way of growth and development, particularly, professional and intellectual growth in our society. The hiring and rehiring of old dinosaurs has dimmed the chances of employment, empowerment and proper utilization of young talent of Pakistan.

Now the much more demanded ‘operation for peace’ in the peace-starved Karachi has been launched and everyone seems to be optimistic about the operation that would make Karachi ‘crime-criminals-weapons-mafias, gangs, extremists, intolerants and fascists -free city’ as it used to be three decades ago. However, what is needed now in the wake of this operation is to tape the energies, talent and skills of our youth, particularly, the youth living, working and getting education in different educational institutions in Karachi, so that they can come forward and make an effort to rekindle trust and confidence and promote tolerance among various communities living in this city through their organized efforts such as ‘Peace Walks’, ‘Peace and Respect’, ‘Peace and Tolerance' seminars, sermons, talk shows etc. above all exposing the criminals and outlaws in their vicinity to make this operation classically result-oriented.


Islamabad, Septem