Halal Food Export Conference today

LAHORE (Staff Reporter): The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry is holding a ‘Halal Food Export Conference 2013 on Monday (today) in collaboration with Anis Associates, Halal Research Council and Livestock & Dairy Development Punjab. LCCI Standing Committee on Halal Food convener Naseeb Ahmad Saifi said that the moot is aimed at discussing the potential of exports of halal food products from Pakistan. The participants of the conference will also contemplates on the issues hampering halal meet growth.

, besides devising a way forward to guide the local industrialists in this regard.

He lamented that Pakistan’s share in halal food market remained very little level of just 2.9 percent of the global halal meat production, as the country is not benefiting from the $2 trillion market.

He said halal brand market is growing rapidly throughout the world and its demand is increasing day by bay, but it is unfortunate that Pakistan ranked 18th in this, as its meat production volume is as low as 2.9 per cent of the total halal meat market.

Chairman Standing Committee for Halal Meat Export said Pakistan could play vital role in this growing market because Pakistan have more than 160 million quality live stock including 71 million cattle and buffalos and 89 million goats and sheep. Nasib Saifi asked the Punjab government to launch vaccination drive against Foot & Mouth Disease in the animals throughout the province with a view to get clearance certificate of the UNO, as India did to enhance its meat export. He observed that government has already eradicated the FMD through strong vaccination drive but did not approach the UNO for certification, resulting into complete halt in meat export to the USA, the EU countries, Russia and Russian states. Pakistan’s meat export is limited to few markets which is now overwhelmed with other strong competitors like Australia, South Africa and India, he lamented.

Pakistan eyeing African states to export manpower

WAH CANTT (Staff Reporter): After maximum manpower export to the Gulf States, Pakistan is now eyeing to catch job market of Far East and African countries to explore new potential for the export of skilled manpower to these countries. MD OEC Saeed Ahmed while talking to media persons here. He said that Pakistan is exploring new job markets for skilled Pakistanis in Korea, Canada, Nigeria, Oman, Libya, Jordan and Malaysia. He said that OEC, the only public sector manpower export organisation has so far provided over 140,000 jobs in 54 different countries.

The OEC is promoting Pakistani workforce to foreign countries, which is extending a great source to the Pakistan’s economic growth in the shape of valuable foreign remittances. He said that apart from meeting the specific and exacting standards of foreign employers, the corporation also acts as a protector of emigrants to ensure their welfare and to promote harmonious working relationship between the employers and the employees. He added that corporation is mandated to promote employment of professionals, highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower in foreign countries. To a question, he said that OEC has received the well performance award from the government of South Korea for exporting skilled labourers from Pakistan. He said that government of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Libya and Maldives, have sent their requests to Pakistan for the import of medical professionals, while the delegation of ministry of Health Saudi Arabia has already visited to Pakistan for the selection of the doctors. He said that government has planned to send over 700 medical professionals doctors to KSA every year. He added that a delegation of the kingdom is also nowadays engaged here to select more health professionals from Pakistan.

4,601MW to be added in National Grid this year

ISLAMABAD (APP): Over 4,601MW of hydro-electric power would be added in the National Grid this year to further reduce power-load shedding aimed at mitigating the sufferings of the people. According to official sources in the Ministry of Water and Power, 3,347MW through IPPs have already been added in the system since 2008.  While project to produce 28MW hydro power are at various stages including 130MW capacity Duber Khawar, 94MW Lareb Hydro Project, 17MW Gomal Zam, 17MW Satpara Dam project and 22MW capacity Jabban Hydro Power Project.

Similarly, 3,181MW PEPCO’s/ Public power would be added in the system during this year according to which Nandipur Power

Project would add 425 MW, Chichoki Mallian was set to add 525 MW,

Guddu 750MW, UAF Gifted Power Plant Faisalabad 320MW,

Lower Saptgah 496MW, Lower Palas Valley would added 665MW power in the National Grid.

The IPPs are set to add 1140.5 MW of electricity in the system in 2012-13 by completing 13 projects including Uch-II which

would add 405MW, Grange Holding 180MW,  Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd, Sapphire Wing Power Co, Lucky Energy, New Pak Energy Pvt Ltd, Tenage Generasi Ltd and Three Gorges First Wing Firm Pakistan 50MW each, Zolu Energy Pakistan Ltd 56.7MW, Green Power Pvt Ltd, Beacon Energy, Dawood Power 49.5MW each and Arabian Sea Wing energy would add 504MW electricity in the system.

The PML (N) government has also conceived 10 long term projects to produce 19,373MW power through various sources including

969MW capacity Neelum Jhelum, 4,500MW Basha Dam, 1,410MW capacity

Tarbela Extension, 106MW Golan Gol, 84MW Karam Tungi,

4320MW Dasso, 7100MW capacity Bonji Hydro Project, 740MW Mangla Dam, 122MW Kial Khawr and 22MW Jabban Power Station.

Strategy evolved to increase rice yield

FAISALABAD (APP): The Punjab govt has evolved a strategy for the improvement of the quality of the rice and its production for securing optimum per acre yield. A working group has been constituted which would formulate comprehensive recommendations to boost the rice crop. Rice experts are also working for developing new rice varieties with the technical assistance of international rice research institute which will have more resistance against the insects’ attacks as well as to save the rice crop from the menace of Bacterial Leaf Blight attack.

He said that the Punjab government has also imported genetic material from the international rice institutes for evolving new varieties by crossing it with the local varieties.

He revealed that the experts are also working to evolve the new rice varieties having a potential to service in the standing water in the flood hit areas for two weeks and it would help to gain more production from the flood hit areas especially of rice instead of devastating effects of the floods.

The spokesman further told that out of total production of 483 million tons of the rice in the world, the Pakistan share is 6.16 million tons. Likewise, about 3.73 million tons rice is being exported annually from Pakistan and efforts are under way to achieve the rice export target of 5 million tons plus by next crop.

The growers would be assisted for adopting modern technology for sowing of the rice crop under which 80000 saplings of rice will be sown in one acre which would also help in getting 8-9 mounds more per acre yield besides saving Rs.14000/- per acre expenditure, he added.

ZTBL decides to establish model farms

FAISALABAD (APP): ZTBL has decided to establish a chain of ZTBL Model Farms in all the four provinces including GB and AJK.  The decision to this effect has been taken to further augment and make efforts for more meaningful farming for the benefits of the growers throughout the county. He said, “these model farms would be equipped with latest agriculture machinery and technological interventions according ecological zones to experiment and disseminate the success of modern techniques applied in agriculture and to introduce progressive farming”.

“The model farms would serve as center of excellence for all the agriculture activities and cater for the information, training, needs of the farmers to serve the problems encounter by them and increase their productivity thereby contributing to the national economy”, he added.

The spokesman further said that the ZTBL had made a valuable contribution in enhancing productivity of crops, livestock, dairy,

poultry, fisheries, etc. through introduction of improved hybrid seed varieties, tunnel farming and balanced use of fertilizer, plant nutrients and protection by making use of pesticides.

Fruit, vegetable export jumps to $625 million

FAISALABAD (APP): Export of fruits and vegetables has jumped from $538m to $625m in one year. Pakistan is producing best quality of fruits and vegetables which have attracted the foreign buyers very much. He told that Pakistan has started its potato export to the markets of Middle East whereas the markets of South Korea, Mauritius and Japan have also allowed access to Pakistani fruits. During 2012-13, Pakistan has made recorded export of potato, onion and Kinnow and in one year, the Pakistan fruit and vegetable exports jumped from $538m to $625m.

He told that climatic condition of Pakistan is most suitable for producing high quality fruits and vegetables and the Punjab government has also made tremendous efforts to increase exports of fruits and vegetables from this province.

In this regard, an exhibition of Pakistani fruits and vegetables was also in Germany whereas handsome subsidy is being provided to the growers so that the farmers could produce high quality fruits and vegetables and play their role in enhancing Pakistani exports, he added. 

However, he stressed the need to improve quality of local production

up to international standard and said that new varieties of fruits and vegetables are also being introduced among the farmers besides imparting education and training to the growers to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables by utilizing new technologies for grading, processing, packing, storing and transporting of fruits and vegetables.