Lahore (PR): The 11th International Plastic & Packaging Industry Exhibition PLASTI & PACK Pakistan and 10th Edition of International Food Processing Packaging Exhibition, IFTECH Pakistan, organized by Pegasus Consultancy at Lahore Expo Center, was concluded here on Saturday, with a positive note that exhibitors are going home with buying orders.

On the last day of the exhibition a seminar was held at the Expo Center, by the tittle,” Annual Packaging Forum”, with the theme, “ Smart Packaging - Converting Product into Brands”. The seminar was organized by Pegasus Consultancy alongside with the exhibition.

The seminar was a high profile gathering of the Food, Dairy, Beverage and Packaging industry. The participants had a long sessions of interactive discussions and shared innovative ideas to overcome challenges; paving the way for mutual growth. The forum had served the purpose and had educated and created the awareness about the need of smart packaging for the developing local packaging industry.

 One of the unique feature of the show was the 3 day activity of , College of Tourism  & Hotel Management, (COTHM), in collaboration with Chefs Association of Pakistan, who together had organised,” Skill Showcasing Performance”,  by professional Chefs and Culinary Students, in concurrence with the PLASTI & PACK-IFTECH, exhibition. 

The skill showcasing activities by the culinary arts students and professional chefs of the hotel and restaurant industry include knife skill, fruit, vegetable and ice carving skills, cake making and decorations and other exotic culinary preparations. All preparations were based on live demonstration.