ATTOCK  - The leadership of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) wants to restore peace across the country, especially in Karachi, by taking all the political parties and stakeholders onboard.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif wants to take the country out of crisis at any cost and his visit to Karachi and All Parties Conference is its ample proof, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmed said this while addressing a gathering here at Mohalla Tariqabad village on Sunday. On this occasion District President PML-N Javed Bajori, Senior Vice President Saleem Shehzad, Malik Saeed Akhtar and Malik Waheed Akhtar were also present.

Sheikh Aftab Ahmed said that the government is working on war footing to face all the challenges. "We want to deliver and don't want to extend only lip service as has been done in the last five years. It is high time to set aside our vested interests and get united for the prosperity of this nation," he said. He said Pakistan with the grace of Almighty Allah is an atomic power and no one can see towards it with an evil eye.