LAHORE - The Punjab University is in fuss nowadays as its teachers are issuing statements against one another on the issue of Law College lecturer Khujesta Rehan’s alleged charges against the PU vice chancellor.

The Teachers Front (TF), PU Academic Group and the PU Faculty Strengthening Forum (FSF) are criticising each other by issuing press releases.

The FSF has condemned the TF for releasing a press release that undermines the role of Academic Staff Association (ASA) and the VC office. A press release issued by FSF says, “The press release of the TF is not only denigrating the image of VC office but also the ASA. Principally, neither the ASA nor any teachers group is the mouthpiece or spokesperson of VC office. Regarding Khujasta Rehan case, the ASA has lost its moral grounds to represent the whole faculty by calling only the TF meeting but not the ASA general body meeting.

According to the press release, it has insulted the VC office by trying to become its mouthpiece as if VC office is incapable of handling the issue on merit. It shatters the image of the university, giving an impression that the VC is powerless and helpless, said the press release.

The Teachers Front general body consists of almost 250 teachers from all departments of the university which shows that the rest of nearly 400 faculty members are not with them. The TF should not claim to be the representative of the entire faculty of PU, the press release asserted. 

Earlier, TF issued a statement condemning, “the propaganda of some elements for their vested interests causing serious damages to the repute of the great alma mater and demanded immediate against such elements.”

AG has also criticized this statement of Teachers Front.