LAHORE - Police on Sunday foiled a major terrorism assault on Lahore Railways Station by recovering a bomb. Police officials said they recovered a bomb and later defused it. It could have been a major terror bid in Lahore if law-enforcement agency had not acted in a timely manner.

According to details, law enforcement agency had been tipped off about presence of a bomb at the railways station. Police said the bomb weighed three kilogramme was found at a park adjacent to the railways station.

Bomb Disposal Squad was called in and precious lives were saved. Damages had been eliminated.

Police said the explosives were detonated remotely. Miscreants could have caused large scale destruction during the weekly holiday when people and those coming from other cities visit the park in large numbers.

Heavy contingent of security force was deployed in the surroundings. The area was marked off.  cordoned off and commenced search action in the area.