The Election Tribunal of LHC Bahawalpur Bench rejected the writ petition of Arshad Ali Laleka against MPA from PP-278 Shoukat Ali Laleka on technical grounds.  The petitioner Arshad Ali Laleka, who lost to Shoukat Laleka in May 11, general elections filed the petition in the tribunal, accusing his opponent of possessing a fake graduation degree which he said was a clear violation of Article 62 and 63 and tantamount to committing dishonesty and falsehood. The petitioner pleaded that Shoukat Laleka made a number of contradictions while filing his nomination paper for the election. "Shoukat submitted matriculation certificate and BBA Degree (from Prinston University), however, instead of attaching his FA certificate he attached an affidavit, which stated that he will later submit the said document, otherwise he will stand disqualified. Neither could he submit his FA certificate later, nor he could justify his saying, thus the notification of his election as MPA should be withheld," the petitioner asserted. However the bench rejected his petition on technical ground. The petitioner said that he will seek justice from the Apex Court.

Meanwhile, when attempted to seek Shoukat Ali Laleka's comment he did not respond to the calls.