SWAT -  An official meeting was held between Swat Women Jirga and PTI elected members from Swat Valley here at Saidu Sharif on Sunday.

The Swat Women Jirga informed the elected representative about their demands. Tabassum Adnan, chairperson Swat Women Jirga, said that they were invited to join the main Swat Qaumi Peace Jirga to ensure justice for women but they refused. "We have formed our own jirga and now we decide cases relevant to women of Swat. Our only aim is to provide legal support to women by involving police and government authorities," she added.

Tabbassum further went on saying that the government should provide women their fundamental rights besides ensuring for them safety, health facilities, potable water, freedom of life and other basic needs. She said the government should make proper legislation for widows. Most of the widows are working as maids at homes or are engaged in other activities to earn livelihood for their families. The government should provide basic facilities to these women. A lot of problems especially lack of separate transport system is one of the biggest problems for women, she added. The government should start female transport system for the women.

Venting her spleen on absence of women rights, Tabbassum asked why women, as a girl, wife and even as a child are killed. She expressed anger over violation of women rights. She revealed a few cases which were registerd with Swat Women Jirga. She said that daughter of one Bano Bibi was killed by her husband because she was not handsome and charming and the evidence of the murder was obtained as the conversation between husband and wife was recorded.

The same case was lodged in the local courts along with all the evidence but the judge freed the accused instead of sending him behind the bars. She handed over the CD, which contains evidence material, to MNA Saleem-ur Rehman by requesting that it should be brought in the notice of Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The government should collect data of widows and other poor women who live below the poverty line and help them. Community centres for these women should be established at Swat, she demanded.