Whether one likes or dislikes Imran Khan and Dr Tahir ul Qadri, it can’t be denied that these two have highlighted the flaws in our democracy. A democracy or dictatorship is equally useless if they can’t solve the problems of the common man. Shockingly, the so-called intellectual and journalist are opposing the setting up of this precedence that common men would gather to uproot a government in the future; if they acted like tyrants and failed to deliver good governance. Any intelligent person can see that we need a new system in Pakistan as the current one has failed repeatedly. Undoubtedly, the old (retirement-age) politicians should have mercy and retire peacefully. The new generation, which is more educated, should be given a chance to represent the people. Javeed Hashmi’s leaving should be a lesson for Imran Khan, and he should not welcome any Lota’s in his party and should invest heavily in young blood. The Pak Army and Judiciary should not silently watch from the side-lines as our countrymen suffer, they should step in and play an effective part in the resolution of the current crises.


Lahore, September 2.