People across Pakistan are hoping to change Pakistan into a ‘New Pakistan’ but their efforts are not clear. The Pakistani’s who are still living in the old Pakistan are worried about status quo, they do not realize that they are supporting all that is bad in the country. A country where elected politicians have fake degrees and people with verified degrees hem. The old Pakistan where proven criminals like Gullu Butt are let off on bail. Where a serving Police SP’s family is humiliated and his son shot dead in front of many witnesses, but the culprit escapes arrest or prosecution. Where the largest port city is held hostage by a local political party, run by a British citizen. Where locally manufactured automobiles are more expensive than imported Japanese models. Where people working in the tax authority and the Government do not pay any taxes and only 0.05% of population pays tax. Where artificial electricity shortage was created and then billions were paid out to create new power plants, but no one bothered to pay the circular debt, or even recover the billions paid, or to even prosecute and convict the culprits. Where ‘democratic’ political parties hold ‘elections’ where all members are elected unopposed and where dual citizens, who have renounced all allegiance to Pakistan, can hold Government posts and even be elected to the Parliament without any prosecution. In this old Pakistan ex-Parliamentarians, ex-government employees and even ex-bankers have taken loans of millions of rupees never paid back. Where a gang-raped woman can be helped by the CJ with his suo moto action, but can still end up having her case thrown out of court, after three years, on the notice that the official FIR is incorrect. Where commissions and bribes are considered common practice, where the Government offices work from 10 am to 2pm, and where no common citizen is allowed to visit. Is this the kind of Pakistan we want? We want a new Pakistan where everyone is treated equally, where everyone can get justice and have security. Where the rule of law applies to everyone, including the highest Government post holders.  ny person with ethics and morality would vouch for a new Pakistan a better Pakistan.


Peshawar, September 5.