The ongoing protests seem to be a headache for the government and have raised many questions about their performance. The instability in the capital was created by the show of power by the PML-N. The democracy we practice is bicameral parliamentary system and I believe it is the best and strongest system, if it is practiced according to its true spirit. Unfortunately once the elected party comes into power; it neglects the importance of the parliament. Parliament is the institution that makes the law for the betterment of the country and when it is kept ineffective, it loses its strength.

Unluckily, in our country it is only used to gain power, but has not worked to bring about any laws, which could make lives of ordinary people easier. The ongoing situation was supposed to be discussed on the floor of the parliament but the government and Prime Minister gave no importance to the matter and it turned into a fish market, where everyone insulted each other. During 14 months of the government in power, the Prime Minister visited the upper house only once. This dilemma has been growing while they rant and rave about constitution and democracy. They have mocked both by their behavior.

A bill for the acid victims is still pending while one that gives them extra perks and salaries is passed in fifteen minutes at 2am in the morning. These members of the parliament have to prove that they deserve to be in the Parliament by some kind of good governance. The nation stands still, looking at them for solutions.


Karachi, September 3.