TORONTO - Easing into filming, becoming too emotionally involved in a role, and the pros and cons of playing a fictional versus real person - acclaimed American actor Denzel Washington shared Sunday how he approaches acting.

Oscar-winner Washington was at the Toronto film festival for the premiere of “The Equalizer,” director Antoine Fuqua’s adaptation of the 1980s television series that starred Edward Woodward.

The film about a loner who dispenses justice from the barrel of a gun also stars Marton Csokas (“The Amazing Spiderman 2”) and Chloe Grace Moretz (“Kick-Ass”). Moretz is in two other Toronto film festival premieres this week: “Clouds of Sils Maria,” and “Laggies.” At a press conference, the cast and crew shared insights about their métier, their successes and missed opportunities.

Washington last collaborated with Fuqua on “Training Day,” which premiered in Toronto and went on to earn Washington a best actor Oscar in 2001 for his performance as a rogue cop in Los Angeles.  A brief telephone exchange in which Washington told Fuqua, “This is Robert McCall (the lead character in the film) calling,” set the stage for a reunion.