They head ‘democratic’ parties, claim to be democrats, however, democracy in this country is always forced to constantly defend itself from their many attacks. At every manufactured impasse, they position themselves wherever commanded by the King. Before anyone else, they are loyal to themselves. It just so happens that their interests hardly ever come in conflict against the desires or designs of the powers that be. When in power, they work to further the agenda of their masters they owe almost everything to. When outside government, they act as the Trojan horse; as clearly visible in the current situation. Their past is tainted with events, which lay bare their contempt and disregard for democratic values, and their present is another disgraceful tale in the making. They are the PML-Q, the AML headed by Sheikh Rasheed and the APML being led by a former dictator, Pervez Musharraf and others cut from the same cloth. It is about time that they are called out for who they are, as evident from what they have being doing and for what purpose. No more should they be allowed to pass themselves off as democrats when they are openly crusading against our democratic system.

Only entities like Mr Shujaat Hussain can implicate a former Chief of Army Staff, Gen. (r) Pervez Kayani in this case, in election rigging and not be called a traitor or an agent. What we can learn from him is that you can make an accusation of such magnitude, as long as you end it with a call for military intervention to ‘set democracy on the right path’. As of now, they stand with Mr Tahir-ul-Qadri’s Pakistan Awami Tehreek, and no one is willing to believe that justice or reform has anything to do with it. But it is not their fault. Chaudharies of Gujarat struggling to bring about a people’s revolution was always going to be a hard sell. Mr Sheikh Rasheed’s role in the on-going crisis is not hidden from anyone either. He doesn’t shy away from taking credit for bringing the PTI and PAT together, ensuring that they both continue to stand against the parliament. Mr Javed Hashmi has revealed plenty about him, as well as Mr Imran Khan’s backdoor dealings. Pervez Musharraf is also cheering them on from the comfort of his sofa. Add a few more political orphans to the list, and you have before you the entire team promising to bring change. Unfortunately for them, the masses are familiar with the game they are playing, and everyone knows whose side they are on.