Since Musharraf took over, there was a systematic rise in plunder of state assets, nepotism, institutionalized corruption and massive tax evasion, which continued in five year of PPP tenure and in the last 14 months of PML-N rule. We are yet to see some concrete steps, taken to address these problems, by the present government. What moral or constitutional right did Shaukat Aziz, Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif have to grant concessions and waivers, on direct taxation, to the affluent instead of enforcing direct tax on them? With indirect taxes, they have made the life of the masses miserable. Doesn’t the constitution promise equal rights for all citizens?

Has the state not reneged on its constitutional obligation to provide subsidized education, health, security and clean drinking water to all citizens? Instead, it has focused on the welfare of paid or elected elite through allotment of prime real estate, tax exemptions on luxurious farm houses, expensive imported limousines, stock exchange profits etc. In the recent budget, the government has not even spared senior citizens, widows, and orphans, whose sole lifeline was interest on government secured National Saving Center schemes, by raising withholding tax to 15% from 10%.

May I remind Raza Rabbani that during PPP tenure, merit was violated, jobs sold to highest bidder and even permanent regular employees had their services terminated, to favor their cronies of PPP in PIA? This ruthless abuse of power must cease and all citizens should be subjected to uniform taxation on their earning. We need a democratic country that truly follows the constitution, not the sham, which is being practiced.


Lahore, September 4.