ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan cricket team chief selector and coach Mohsin Hasan Khan refused to accept any role in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) until the tainted persons are not removed.

Talking to The Nation, Mohsin said: “I am very grateful to PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan for inviting me to the National Cricket Stadium for one-on-one meeting. I am very much satisfied with the way we discuss in detail the ongoing issues being faced by the national team.”

“The PCB chief appreciated my role both as chief selector and especially as head coach and he was quite surprised why I was not offer permanent role. He offered me to join the PCB with immediate effect. No doubt, I have great respect for him but I made him clear that I will not accept any role in the PCB, unless the tainted persons are remove, as I always took principle stands throughout my life and I can't compromise on just demands,” he added. “It was decided we will meet again and I am always available to serve the country in any capacity. I have no lust for money or personal egos, I was ready and still willing to help Pakistan cricket but only when right persons will be hired for the right job. I never demanded any special or out of the way favours but it is my right as a patriotic Pakistani to put my country ahead.” When asked about what role, he was offered, Mohsin replied: “It is not the appropriate time to disclose this, but obviously, I was chief selector and head coach of the national team, I will not accept anything less than that. I think the PCB chief has in mind a more prominent role for me and the things will be unfolded in due course of time.”