ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chief Tahirul Qadri has in a way warned the government on Monday by saying that his followers might get out of his control after a certain period of time and that will tell a lesson to the government.

Addressing the sit-in, Dr Qadri said that his followers if got out of his control and denied to carry on the sit-in as peaceful on his directions will give a tough time to the rulers and will take back all the looted money from them.  Whereas on some points of his agenda, he hinted to be flexible but he, at least on the point of Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif’s resignation, reiterated his stance and demanded his resignation as a gesture from the government that it was sincere to provide justice to the Model Town tragedy victims.

He also suggested the government, “An amendment should be made in the Constitution that no case will be filed against the rulers even if they commit a murder”. While referring to the Model Town tragedy in which around two dozen people, mostly PAT workers, were killed by the police, Qadri said that Judicial Commission in its report had declared Shahbaz Sharif as culprit but oppression and injustice have become a norm in this country.

About the Qadri’s threat that his workers might get out of his control, the myth already broke on Saturday last that he had full control on his followers when his followers had denied obeying his order to shift his container and sit-in to the previous place where they were sitting before attacking state buildings.

Qadri on Friday had agreed to clear the road in front of the Cabinet Block Secretariat so that the employees could go to their offices easily and his container, other vehicles and tents were supposed to be removed from the place on Saturday last but the workers refused to comply.

The PAT workers argued with their leader what was the logic of their coming to Islamabad if they had to move back.

Young workers of PAT, who are feeling empowered by suspending the working of government departments through roads blockage, were not interested to lose their writ in the area and thus they denied retreating from their present position.

The PAT spokesman was found clarifying the position of his party.

Now again Qadri is hinting about his followers getting out of control in case the sit-in is prolonged and no result comes out. However, Qadri did not explain what his workers could do.

Certain quarters believe that Qadri has raised the hopes of his followers too much. If he is saying that he might lose control on his followers, the possibility of any violent attitude cannot be overruled altogether.