The Punjab government has announced Rs1.6 million on each casualty in the floods besides compensation for the damaged houses, animals and other losses.

It was announced by Punjab government spokesman Zaeem Qadri at a press conference at Civil Secretariat along with provincial ministers including Col (r) Shuja Khanzada and Bilal Yaseen.

Besides sharing information on the losses the rains and flood caused in the province, they highlighted the rescue activities in the flood-hit areas. They said that the ministers, secretaries and DCOs had been working in the flood-hit areas.

It was told that 131 people were dead, 126,649 acres of crops were damaged, and 253,000 animals died during the ongoing rains. About 1,100 houses were affected partially while 352 were collapsed completely.

Shuja Khanzada said that the main reason of losses was unprecedented heavy rains. He said that though the metrological department had predicted rains but their intensity was much. He said that 450mm rain in Lahore while 400mm in the northern areas were measured. He said that the water level in River Chenab reached 10 lac cusecs and the water flow at Qadirabad was noted as 9 lac cusecs that has total capacity of 6.5 lac cusecs.

Food Minister Bilal Yaseen said that Rs100 million had been released to every district.

He said 18,000 canopies, life jackets and food packets had been dispatched to the affected areas. He said that 446 teams of the health department working in the affected areas had provided medical facility to the 55,000 people. He said that a large number of deaths happened in the urban areas owing to collapse of old houses.

Zaeem Qadri said that relief operation was continued and government would pay to those who suffered after doing a comprehensive survey. He said that compensation money for the house damage had been increased. He said that a BMR Project worth Rs 119 billion for sewerage system would be completed that would help drain rain water.