Mr Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, was especially invited by the UAE authorities evidently to spring a surprise on India’s number one nemesis: Pakistan. The purpose obviously was to take revenge on Pakistan for its refusal to join the anti-Houthi coalition in Yemen. The UAE minister had specifically warned Pakistan to get ready for a reprisal for this refusal. And now they have done it by signing a US $75 billion compact with India which will put a huge amount of easy foreign funds at India’s disposal. Our Arab brothers must understand that Pakistanis are true Muslims who at least 5 time s a day prostrate themselves towards the Arabian peninsula to say our prayers where our Holy Khana Kaaba is located and therefore, not withstanding the everyday worldly vicissitudes, we are bound by our faith to come to the aid of our Arab brethren to the extent of laying down our lives for them. India is a pragmatic country and is bound to stab the Arabs in the back when the occasion arises. Any act of the Arabs strengthening India would be tantamount to helping a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Muzaffargarh, August 18.