LAHORE - It was Thursday morning before this scribe got out of bed and started flipping through the pages of daily newspapers and magazines and checking out the showbiz latest news and trends through my smart phone. Technology and social media have turned us into digital nomads able to roam the world and converse in any country. Elegance and style is what fashion brands represent.

Our designers have become trend setters and they have fan following across the globe. They have opened up countless new outlets for the people to purchase latest fashion stuff. Pakistani fashion resonates well with the international trends. Days are gone when people specially used to go to purchase fashion items at stores. Our purchasing habits have changed rapidly with the boom of technology.

We are nowadays shopping on our smart phones. More and more social media platforms have become source of shopping. The significance that the fashion industry recently attains in the worldwide economy has confident economic historians to examine the causes and characteristics of its historical development. Instagram, facebook and twitter have become a source of promotion for the celebs in the fashion industry. But the question is; do all those new upcoming bloggers and vloggers have the experience and trained eye to know what they’re talking about? Actually not as hundreds of fashion bloggers rave on and on about how “amazing” and “cool” the latest designer collection is without pointing out that it looked exactly the same as the designer’s first one.

One thing almost everyone criticizes is that bloggers have “sold out” to companies by taking money for advertorial posts and wearing free gifted designer clothing. Fashion is not just about uploading press releases. Fashion is not all about blogging style, new trends and excitement of catwalk on the runway of fashion weeks. Fashion weeks are meant to promote creativity and innovation that has truly become the most sought after platform in the fashion industry where every designer whether established or aspiring one wants to make presentation.

It is also the serious business that has made our fashion industry grow in the last decade. Today it is one of the most burgeoning trade sectors in the country that eyes the global market.

Faizan Javed