SARGODHA-Flour mills owners have planned to increase the rate of 20 kilogramme wheat flour from Rs620 to Rs735 in Punjab.

Flour mills mafia called an emergent meeting at Lahore for the purpose, According to sources, more than 2.5 million tonnes of wheat stored by private sector had been purchased by flour mills owners during current year so as to sell the flour at higher prices. On the other hand, Food Department has stored over 60 million wheat sacs at procurement centres throughout the province of Punjab which is sufficient to fulfill the requirements of next two years.

The sources said that flour mills mafia pressurised the government before their meeting with government of Punjab as well as the food department on 20 September for flour price hike. In case of the fulfillment of their plan, the poor will be suffered by dearness of flour which is the compulsory daily use item. The government must not be pressurized by such mafia in the greater interest of public, people demanded.

REQUEST REJECTED: An anti-terrorism court has dismissed the request for the removal of the sections of Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) from the 20 people’s murder case. Earlier, the lawyers of accused Abdul Waheed, the custodian of Sufi shrine at village 95/NB and other three accused of the case, had filed their application in the court to remove ATA sections from the FIR. On Friday, the honorable court rejected that application and adjourned the hearing till September 19, 2017. Police have arranged solid security measures in and around the court.