LAHORE: The Pakistan Qaumi Zubaan Tehreek held Friday a conference on Urdu at Alhamra Arts Council.

The moot was aimed at highlighting the importance of Urdu and raising awareness among the youth about the national language. The program was organised by presidents of Pakistan Qoumi Zaban Tehreek Aziz Zafar Azaad, Professor Saleem Hashmi and Fatima Qamar with the collaboration of Pehal Foundation.

Noted speakers were Dr Nasra, Fatima Hassan, Oriya Maqbool Jan, Fatima Qamar, Esar Rana, Nasra Jawed Iqbal, Zulqarnain Jameel, Iqbal Qazi, Khalid Mahmood, Sultan Ahmad, Yousaf Farooq, Captain Atta, Sammiya Raheel Qazi, Dr kamran, Zayammudin and Munsha Qazi.

Chairman Aziz Zaffar Azaad said: “We have to protect our national language and educate our youth about its importance.”

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani said: “Our education system has to change its criteria. Unfortunately, we are living in the society where stories of Cinderella are being told rather than our real heroes who sacrificed their lives for this country.” –Contributed by Aima Idrees/Arooj Fatima