LAHORE -  PTI Chairman Imran Khan yesterday termed the upcoming electoral contest in NA-120 an election that will decide the future of Pakistan where the big thieves would be put in jails.  

“It is not an ordinary election. It is going to set the direction for a new Pakistan”, he said while addressing an election rally at Qartaba Chowk on Jail Road.

It was a small gathering conspicuous by thin attendance of women activists. Around 8,000 people participated.

He asked the voters in the constituency to strengthen the hands of Supreme Court of Pakistan by their overwhelming support for the party candidate, Dr Yasmin Rashid.

He said that he had come there to give a message to the people that it had happened for the first time in country’s history that a powerful person (Nawaz Sharif) had been ousted from power by the Supreme Court which had never given any verdict in favour of the weak since creation of Pakistan.

“In the past, whosoever, had power in Pakistan could do everything he liked.  A weak person would never get justice from courts. Say thank you to the Supreme Court [by casting vote against the PML-N] for its decision to disqualify the most powerful person in the country. Your vote will strengthen the Supreme Court to put all the big thieves behind the bars. Your vote will empower the judges”, he said, adding, that their vote would decide which way the country should be heading for.

Imran Khan wished that Adiala Jail should be the next abode of the ex-Prime Minister and his Ministers.

He said that Nawaz Sharif was complaining why he was ousted from power.

“He was infact stating that why such a powerful man like him has been kicked out of power”, he remarked, adding, that he (Nawaz) could not satisfy the court in over one year time how he had amassed such a huge money to purchase properties abroad.

“He could only present a letter in the court from a Qatari Prince which proved to be a big fraud”, he observed.

Talking about present Chairman of NAB, Imran said he had been appointed by Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari to hide their corruption.  

In a sarcastic tone though, the PTI chief also demanded that all small thieves presently in jails should be set free because their collective loot was far smaller than the loot and plunder done by the Sharif family.

“When a poor person does robbery, he cannot damage the country in a big way contrary to a situation when a Prime Minister does the same. He also destroys country’s institutions in the process”, he stated.

PTI Chairman asked the voters to put some questions to the PML-N leaders when they come to seek their vote.

“Ask them how the children of Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar became billionaire in just four to five years. Ask them why the offspring of British Prime Minister and other European countries are not billionaires. Ask them why the children of American Presidents, Barack Obama and George W Bush were not billionaires. What magical powers did Hasan Nawaz have that he lives in a house at London which is worth Rs 6 billion. Ask Maryam Nawaz how his brother became a billionaire in just five to six years”

In a cynical remark yet again, Imran said that Maryam Nawaz should deliver lectures on how to become a billionaire in a short span of time.

He said that he could only manage to gather Rs 6 million to purchase a flat in London and that too on loan after playing cricket for 13 years.

He said that this was despite the fact that he was an all rounder but could not gather enough money to buy a flat there.

“On the other hand, Sharifs had stolen your money and took it abroad”, he said. Khan also said that despite remaining in power for 30 years (six terms), they (Sharifs) have not been able to construct a single hospital where Kulsoom Nawaz could be treated for her ailment. Nawaz Sharif also goes to London where ever he gets sick, he said, adding, that he (Imran) was treated twice at SKMH. 

Describing it an initiation of pre-poll rigging, the PTI chief on this occasion also raised the issue of 29,000 unverified votes in NA-120. He asked the Election Commission to settle this issue before the elections.  “The entire nation is eyeing the ECP to come clean on this issue”, he added. Khan also asked his supporters to remain vigilant on the election-day to prevent the possible rigging by the PML-N men.

Making a comparison of KP with Punjab, Khan told the people how the poverty level had reduced in the province where his party was in power. Quoting the findings if two surveys conducted there, Khan said poverty had reduced by five per cent in the KPK province.

“It is because the KPK police is the custodian of life and property of the people and had restored peace there. Tourism had increased by 65 per cent. Thousands of people got employment under the BTTP, a tree plantation project of KPK government.  As the public schools and hospitals have been uplifted, 0.125 million children have re-joined the State-run schools and 60 per cent families have got health cover”, he explained.

He said that Shehbaz Sharif had brought change in Punjab police only by changing its dress. “People in Punjab feared police because the rulers here use it for their wrongdoings”, he said.