This refers to the outburst of PML-N leaders and especially to the statements of disqualified former Prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, dubbing and calling the Supreme Court verdict of July 28, as a “conspiracy”. As is said one sees his own face in the mirror, this stands in case of PML-N leadership., it seems like they have forgotten their own history, which is black with all sorts of conspiracies, starting right from the day when their leadership stepped into politics.

Their ingress into the power corridors was a well planned conspiracy of the ruling generals at that time as from nowhere a business man with no political background or political upbringing was made Finance Minister of Punjab, with finally landing into the Chief Minister House through a non-party election which all the major political parties boycotted.

When Gen Zia Ul -Haq disposed of his handpicked prime minister Muhammad Khan Junejo, a man of integrity and honesty, they conspired to grab the position of President of Pakistan Muslim League, of which Mr. Junejo was the President. Thus people of Pakistan got the name of PML-N. The story doesn’t end here. A grand alliance was formed in the name of IJI, with the compliance of establishment to block the entry of the daughter of East to the corridors of power, but the people of Pakistan regardless of all the government machinery at the back of IJI, overwhelmingly voted in favour of Benazir Bhutto. The conspirators didn’t stop here, they brought up a no confidence motion with the code name “Operation Midnight Jackal” in the national assembly to topple the democratically elected government of PPP. The nation has not forgotten the (in)famous “Changa Manga” episode where the sitting MNAs were hauled up and offered lucrative incentives even in the form of cash.

Upon failing to dislodge the government of Benazir Bhutto, the conspirators, with the blessings and benedictions’ of then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan, got her government dismissed under 58 (2) B. PPP, upon the fabricated and manufactured charges against Benazir developed and invented the famous slogan “Ya Allah Ya Rasool, Benazir Bey Qasoor” to which PML-N objected very forcefully and tried to incite, instigate and provoke the religious sentiments of public. Just see the hypocrisy and double standards of them that today they are using same phrase for their ousted leader.

The nation has not forgotten the day when the Supreme Court of Pakistan was attacked by the MNAs and workers of ruling PML-N, when the honourable judges of the highest court were hearing the contempt of court against Mian Nawaz Sharif. It didn’t end here, instead conspiracy was hatched and engineered to divide the supreme court of the country and make the honourable judges revolt against the Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah. History is witness to the unique conspiracy, the parallel of which is impossible to find in world history, when the serving Army Chief’s plane was refused to land on the soil of the country of which he was under oath to safe guard from all external and internal threats. Instead of that he was ordered to land in enemy territory. It’s a long list of conspiracies hatched by those who are now not coming to terms with the unanimous verdict of five judges of the Supreme Court. Muhammad Khan Junejo was unceremoniously, informally, irregularly and forcefully removed from the president ship of Muslim League and today Mian Nawaz Sharif has been forced to vacate the position of head of PML-N and is left with no option but to hand over the reins of his party to his younger brother. As the saying goes, “as shall you sow, so shall you reap”. It’s still not too late, the leadership of PML-N must come out of the perceptions, apprehensions, notions and thoughts that someone has conspired against them. Instead of wasting time and energies in fabricating and developing conspiracy theories they must utilise their energies to strengthen the democratic process and institutions, by learning lessons from the past and facing the law of the land bravely, courageously and gallantly.


Lahore, August 15.