Multan-Different religious and political parties marked Friday as Youm-e-Ehtajaj (protest day) against genocide of Rohingya Muslims by Burmese army and strongly condemned Myanmar, UNO, world powers and OIC for what they described as their “criminal silence” over ethnic cleansing of Muslims, demanding immediate expulsion of Burmese envoy from Pakistan.

The workers of ruling PML-N, Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Sunni Tehreek, traders and Markazi Milad Council separate demonstrations and rallies. Similarly, clerics adopted condemnation resolutions during juma sermons.

The participants of the protest rallies burnt Myanmar flags and effigies of Aung Suu Kyi besides carrying out non-stop sloganeering against UNO.

The activists of PML-N gathered on Masoom Shah Road under the leadership of Chairman UC-9 Nadeem Akbar and staged the demo. The protesters staged a sit in and accused the UNO of turning blind eye from the genocide of Muslims across the world.

Markazi Milad Council staged a demonstration in front of Masjid Totalan wali and shouted slogans against Myanmar Government. They also chanted slogans against OIC and UNO for their silence. They were carrying placards inscribed with their demands from United Nations to protect Rohingya Muslims from the Myanmar government's oppression. Dozens of activists of Sunni Tehrik Multan city also staged a demonstration in front of Multan Press Club.

Pakistan Awami Tehrik organised an big rally at Chowk Nawan Shehr and demanded for closure of Myanmar embassy in Pakistan. They demanded Prime Minister Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to call a conference of Organisation of Islamic Corporation (OIC) for early solution to the Rohingyas' massacre. They also stressed unity among Muslims to fight against the enemies.They said the Buddhist military was avenging the breaking of sculpture of Buddha in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

The workers of Saraikistan Democratic Party (SDP) staged a demonstration under the leadership of Ujala Langah and Mukhtar Ahmad Khan Langah. They warned that the Myanmar crisis could jeopardise the peace of entire region. They said that the time for the unity of entire Ummah had come and failing in uniting would deliver serious losses to Muslim world.