SIALKOT/MIRPUR (AJK)/MUZAFFAR/GARH/SAHIWAL/BUREWALA/ -SAHIWAL/SADIQABAD/KASUR-Thousands of people including Ulema, traders, journalists, students and lawyers took out big rallies against the ongoing Rohingya Muslims' persecution in Myanmar.

In Sialkot, , Sambrial , Daska, Pasrur, Chawinda, Badiana, Zafarwal, Shakargarh and Narowal, different religious and social organisations took out rallies against the Myanmar government.

Ulema, the students of the local religious seminaries came out on the roads after the Jumah Prayers. The Ulema belonging to all the schools of thought, also unanimously passed several condemnation resolutions during the sermons in the local mosques.

The participants were carrying banners and placards. They chanted anti-Myanmar slogans burning the flags of Myanmar. They strongly condemned the Rohingya Muslims' persecution and unanimously passed condemnation resolutions. They urged the UN and OIC to take serious notice of this inhuman brutality.

They also asked the Pakistan government to disconnect its diplomatic relations with Myanmar as the Maldives did with immediate effect.

Likewise, Ulema and Khateebs in special prayer sermons across AJK condemned the state-backed terrorism against the Muslims in Myanmar. The state-sponsored campaign has forced thousands of Rohingya Muslims to flee to Bangladesh.

In his sermon at the Central Muslim Mosque in Mirpur, veteran religious scholar and Khateeb Mufti Rowais Ayubi called upon the Muslim Ummah to come out against the state terrorism and violence against the Muslim minority in Rohingya, Myanmar.

"Where are Organisation of Islamic Countries and other international organisations, claiming to be the champions of human rights the world over," Maulana Rowais Ayubi questioned. He warned that the continued silence of the international community in general and the Islamic world in particular over the genocide of the innocent Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar was a big question mark on their credibility and existence.

He called upon the government of Pakistan to immediately summon the Burmese Ambassador in Islamabad to lodge protest over the mass killing of innocent Rohingya Muslims in that country.

Meanwhile, business community, lawyers, activists of social political and religious and human rights organisations vehemently condemned and protested against the state-sponsored extremists. Thousands of Muslims including infants, youth, men, women and children were slaughtered and the worst and ugly situation has prompted thousands of others to flee to Bangladesh, they said.

Hundreds of people took out a protest procession after Jumma prayer from central mosque Mufti Hakeem at Allama Iqbal Road against Myanmar's genocide. They raised slogans against the killing of innocent Muslims in Burma as well as in occupied Jammu & Kashmir demanding the United Nations and human rights organisations to immediate intervene to get the genocide of the minority Rohingya Muslims and in Indian occupied Kashmir stopped instantly.

Addressing the rally at Shaheed Chowk, speakers called upon the government of Pakistan to immediately launch due effective diplomatic efforts to ensure the safety and security of the victimised Rohingya Muslims of Burma.

Similar protest rallies were also held in various other cities and towns in AJK including the state's capital city after Jumma prayers to register strong against the persecution of Rohingya demanding an immediate end to the genocide.

Similarly, people belonging to all walks of life took out protest rallies against the Myanmar government, and blasted the world powers over their criminal silence on the issue.

Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Sunni Tehreek and Markazi Milad Council staged four demonstrations separately.

Anjum Mehria Naseeria senior vice president Pir Dr Sabir Hussain led a demonstration in front of Masjid Nazimia Talari and shouted slogans against Myanmar government. They also chanted slogans against OIC and UN for their silence.

Dozens of activists of Sunni Tehreek also staged a demonstration in front of Muzaffargarh Press Club. APCA, Anjum Tajran and civil society took out a big rally at Chowk Kachery and demanded for closure of Myanmar embassy in Pakistan.

They demanded Prime Minister Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi call a conference of OIC for early solution to the massacre. They also stressed unity among Muslims to fight against the enemies. They said the Buddhist military was avenging the breaking of sculpture of Buddha in Afghanistan. He said the silence of Muslim rulers on the serious issue was deplorable. The Pakistan prime minister must raise voice against-the genocide of Muslims at the international level, they demanded.

In Sahiwal, two protest rallies - one from Jinnah Street and the other from Liaqat Chowk - were taken out under the auspices of Jamaat-Islami and Jamiat Ahle Hadith Pakistan. They demanded the government help Rohingya Muslims and cut diplomatic relationship with Burma.

People belonging to all walks of life took out protest rallies in Kasur, Sadiqabad and Burewala to condemn the state-sponsored genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar here the other day.

In Kasur, thousands of people attended the rally taken out from Jamia Masjid Farooqia to Chandni Chowk against Rohingyas' killings. Addressing the participants, speakers including Kasur Press Club President Haji Sharif Mehr urged the government to raise the issue at international level to stop the Myanmar government's terrorism against the Muslims. They said that they the silence of the UN, OIC and other world organisations, especially Muslim countries is nothing short of a disaster. He also pointed out that Islamic Military Alliance has failed to protect the oppressed Muslims. They said that Jihad has become obligatory for the Muslim world to save Rohingyas from Buddhist terrorists. They said that passing a resolution in National Assembly is not enough, demanding the government to suspend diplomatic and economic relations with Myanmar immediately.

In Sadiqabad, Jamaat Ahle Sunnat organised a protest rally from Ghausia Chowk to Sadiqabad Press Club. A large number of people attended the rally. They were carrying banners and placards. They expressed solidarity with Rohingya Muslims and chanted slogans against the Myanmar government for oppressing the innocent and unarmed Muslims. They vehemently condemned the world powers for turning a blind eye to the massacre of Rohingya Muslim minority by Buddhist terrorists. They demanded the government suspend all kinds of relations with Myanmar. The participants also prayed for safety of the oppressed Burmese Muslims.

In Burewala, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), Tanzeem-e-Islami, Jamatud Dawah and other religious organizations organised a rally to condemn Rohingya Muslims genocide in Myanmar.

The rally was led by representatives of the respective religious organizations. The rally started from the Government College gate and culminated in front of Press Club. Addressing the rally, speakers flayed criminal silence of the international community. They also criticised the Muslim world for doing nothing expect passing resolutions condemning Buddhists' atrocities against Burmese Muslims. "It's for the world community to come forward and bring an end to the bloodshed of the innocent Muslim minority in Myanmar," they said. They expressed solidarity with Rohingya Muslim brethren. They demanded the government call a meeting of all the Muslim countries to stop the massacre of Burmese Muslims. They also urged the Muslim world to suspend all kinds of relations with Myanmar government and pressurise the government of Bangladesh to facilitate Rohingya refugees.