Conference on media ROLE IN POLLS

2018-09-09T02:09:59+05:00 Our Staff Reporter

LAHORE  -  A five-day electronic media training workshop kicked off at a local hotel organized by Women Media Center (WMC) in collaboration with the National Endowment for Democracy, (NED), US.

The workshop is aimed at providing professional environment to the girl students and journalists to increase their participation in the mainstream media.

Some of the renowned journalists, popular anchor persons and politicians including Ejaz Chaudry senior leader PTI, Uzma Bukhari senior leader PML-N, participated in a debate with young journalists guiding and empowering them to counter gender inequality.

PTI leader Ejaz Chaudray highlighted his party’s 100-day plan.

Umza took up ‘media censorship policy’ during the elections and complained about ‘rigging’.

She alleged, “there was no coverage given to PML-N and a few media house lobbied against their party.”

Workshops revolves around the theme of post election scenario and civil society, building democracy and analysing media’s role in entire electoral process in Pakistan. All the senior journalists and media persons including Syed Ali Haider, Zeeshan Ahmed, Huda Shah,  Ajmal Jami laid emphasis on working on stories that promote tolerance and peace. 

WMC Senior Program Assistant, Iraj Atiq said “We have been able to create space in an uninviting environment for women by making them technological savvy hence empowering them countering gender equality”. WMC was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization and is creating awareness among women journalists to promote quality programs on television, social media and radio that hit the core of our society. Up till now WMC has trained more than 2800 female journalists and students across Pakistan with hands-on experience with camera and other reporting tools.

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