We are living in the global village. Countries in the world support each other in the field of education. Those are eulogised over their literacy rates and standards. Pakistan has been facing long diatribes against its education policies.”

Government Higher Secondary School Betto Jatoi”, Mehar, which has been deprived of its basic facilities ; there is no water cooler in this summer days: children drink water from other places. There is load-shedding overall in Pakistan, we demand solar project as only fans can run and children can sit in classes. Hundreds of students are registered in this school, there is lack of appropriate furniture ,good furniture should be provided in the school. Students go to homes or out of school for piss; there are no washrooms for students. There are many important issues but of paramount importance is that appointed illiterate staff hire other private teachers instead of them.

This is great misfortune that hired private teachers have been unable to teach,they don’t know how to teach well. School has been mismanaged for long time. D.EO or E.D.O never evinced these issues, they were informed many times about those issues. I also wrote applications and met Sindh Education Minister Sardar Shah.He always shows great concerns and attentions towards education, but yet no avail. Again Iam requesting Education Minister to evince these issues because the poor’s children and middle class children are studying in this school.

Uppper class children go to private schools. Students are the assets of our country. they should be facilitated. Getting education is their basic right. They are assets of the future. Their future should be saved.